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1.25" Astro Urban Sky L Filter

STC Astro Urban Sky LRGB screw circular filters are designed for shooting astronomical deep-sky objects in areas with heavy light pollution such as urban areas. Blocks daylight mercury lamps (Hg), neon lamps and a large number of orange nano lamps (Na) in the blue B and green G channels, overlapping OIII oxygen atoms at 495.9nm and 500.7nm spectral positions to increase the blue-green signal, red R The channel covers the spectrum range of H-alpha (656.3nm) hydrogen atoms, NII (654.8, 658.3) nitrogen ions and Sulfur II (672.4nm) sulfide ions, and controls the 1:1:1 balance colour separation with the GB green and blue ratio. Three kinds of colour filters can adjust the exposure according to the spectrum of the celestial body's emission and refraction, or add the STC urban deep sky SHO filter to highlight the characteristics of the star cluster and develop its own unique bright colours of the celestial body.

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