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Create inspiring, beautifully captured images and videos. Review our wide selection of problem solving solutions to enhance your photography and videography.

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Founded in 2010, known for globally recognised Taiwan optical and precision industry processes, STC integrate worldwide advanced materials and emerging technology. We provide reliable, deeply engineered optical and grip products. At the core of all our designs is the high standards and user experiences.

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Pushing the boundaries of optics for your camera, we are at the forefront of filter advancements. Our expertise have allowed us to manufacture world firsts and being recognised for our achievements.

We are always looking to bring new solutions to you that can help with your next photo shoot. Why struggle when we can make your life easier.

Our worlds first clip-in filter solution not only saves you money, but also protects your camera. Gone are the days of buying multiple lenses and filters, one filter, any lens.

"STC clip-In filters save time and equipment cost. Having the benefit of fitting one filter and only taking different sizes lenses is a saviour."
One Filter any lens

The need to carry round multiple filters but in different sizes is no more.

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Every product is meticulously engineered.

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STC offer solutions for your pain points.